People With Their Moon In Libra Insights

The Moon In Libra ~ Moon Signs


Moon in Libra people love beauty and harmony. They are naturally charming and likeable, and are able to see an argument from many different points of view. This makes them excellent lawyers, diplomats, or politicians. Ultimately, however, the final decision-making is quite distasteful to them.

They are understanding and sensitive to the thoughts and feelings of others, which means that they can often be used as a shoulder to cry on. But other people would be wise to understand that the Libra moon’s sensitivity can also be withdrawn if it is taken for granted or seen as a weakness.

Being naturally creative, their homes are artistically decorated and put together, even if little money is available. This artistic streak can also extend into their working lives, with a job in the performing or visual arts, such as theatre, painting, dance or music. They fall in love easily and enjoy their relationships, having a need to relate to other people. They must, however, avoid escapism and learn to face up to their own faults. Disharmony in the home can lead quite quickly to ill health, producing headaches and physical tension.

Libra parents want to share their cultured interests with their children, but they need to allow their offspring to develop their own identity, follow their own particular talents and allow their creativity to shine however they choose.