Moon In Pisces Reading

The Moon In Pisces ~ Moon Signs


People with their moon in Pisces are extremely sensitive, and often psychic, with a natural intuitive ability. They are kind, compassionate and understanding. There is also a creative streak in lunar Pisceans, and once they have gained confidence in their abilities, they have the potential to be extremely successful.

They see life as far more than material, and give a great deal to those in need. However, they can also be dishonest, out of a fear of conflict. Piscean moons can tend to put things off, making all kinds of excuses, but with the right kind of encouragement, they have the ability to make a great contribution to society.

Being romantic by nature, they require strong and positive partners, who will understand the Piscean sensitivity and vulnerability and who will give back as much as they contribute to any partnership. It is easy to abuse the goodwill of Piscean moons, or to misunderstand their deep emotional nature.

Piscean parents are kind and sensitive to their children’s needs, but sometimes lean on them for support.