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The Moon In Sagittarius ~ Moon Signs


Sagittarius moon people are gregarious, funny, witty and tactless. Often speaking without thinking, these people need to learn how to be sociable without putting their foot in it. They are highly independent and individualistic, not worrying too much about what others think of them, since they hold quite a high opinion of their own abilities anyway.

They are very able, but a lack of sensitivity can sometimes mean that they tread on other people as they climb or travel to the top.They rise to a challenge, but need to guard against carelessness, including carelessness with money. Gambling is a strong temptation. Sagittarius moons can be reckless and would benefit from learning to pay attention to detail.

They have a naturally carefree attitude, which sometimes borders upon restlessness if their intellect is not sufficiently stimulated. Their work needs to be challenging, so that they can rise to the task.This moon placement can bring great wisdom, if the carefree attitude is tempered with sensibility.

They make good partners and are probably among the best parents in the zodiac. However, if things start to go wrong in a relationship you will not see Sagittarians for dust. They will have left already, looking for a more optimistic landscape. Generally happy people, they find it hard to stay where they feel uncomfortable.