Learn About People With Thier Moon In Scorpio

The Moon In Scorpio ~ Moon Signs


People with their moon in Scorpio will be intensely secretive and difficult to fathom, and any hurts will be stored away for a long, long time. The light-hearted side of life often escapes them, and they are sometimes much too serious.

This can lead to addictive patterns of behaviour. Scorpio moons need to learn how to channel their feelings into such things as self-healing, team games, and a healthy routine. They can, however, utilize their intuitive skills in medicine, research, healing and detective work, and they are happiest when left to get on with a task quietly.

In relationships, they have a lot to give, if they will let go enough to give it. They should not bear grudges or carry hurt feelings for too long, but learn how to forgive and move on.

Scorpio moon parents are fiercely protective of their off-spring, sometimes bordering on possessiveness and jealousy, and do not welcome advice. They need to understand that children need a diversity of relationships in order to develop a well-rounded sociability. Any over-protectiveness is extremely supportive when necessary, but stifling when it is not.