Moon In Taurus

The Moon In Taurus ~ Moon Signs


People with their moon in Taurus are easy-going and generally fun to be with.They appreciate fine art, music and the creative arts as well as good food and entertaining.These people are sensualists, with a love of beautiful things.They can, however, have a tendency to get stuck in ritual and routine. They dislike change and will not be pushed into anything. Above all, they are practical and down-to-earth.

Taurus moons are careful with money. Being materialistic, they like to buy good quality products and will work hard to be able to afford them.This moon’s message is that life is for enjoying, but they must guard against becoming addicted to rich and unhealthy foods.

Taurus moons can feel very threatened by challenges to family life, and will do anything to maintain security. Their possessiveness can sometimes be stifling for others.

Stones: Emerald

Flower: Rose

Animal: Bull