The planets

The Planets & Astrology

Astrological bodies & their meanings….

Although strictly speaking the sun is not a planet but a star, it is still included as a planet in charts for astrological purposes. In terms of the zodiac, everything revolves around the earth, which lies at the very centre of your chart. As the exploration of space progresses and we begin to travel to other planets, it may be that astrologers will need to draw up new charts, with earth as one of the planets and perhaps Mars or Venus in the centre.

The Sun

This is the most important of the planets. It governs character and determines power and vitality, life and growth.

The Moon

For insights into your emotional side, the moon is the place to look. It is mysterious and dark, deep and secret. It is the planet of the imagination.


The planet of communication is Mercury the messenger. It governs the way in which you express yourself and communicate with others. It is also the planet that rules the area of mental powers.


The planet of love is Venus. It is also the planet of beauty and the appreciation of fine things. It is refined and harmonious.


Mars is the planet of war, conflict and disagreements. It represents aggression and force, power and dynamic movement. It is also the planet of sex.


The planet of Jupiter is luck and kindness. It governs pleasure and recreation. Jupiter is a planet of philosophy and expansion.


This is the planet of lessons. It tells you what it is that you need to learn in order to progress or move on. It is the planet of duty and responsibility, security and discipline.


This planet represents what you need to eliminate from your life, and what you need to avoid repeating. It is the planet of change and sudden unexpected events.


The planet of religion and spirituality is Neptune. It is here you would look for your intuition and imagination. Neptune represents the realm of idealism and sensitivity.


The planet of the 12th House: Pluto — the unconscious. It governs the way you think and feel about death, and the dark secret things you fear most.