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What does your sun sign mean…..

Your sun sign dominates everything else. It is the outer you, the part you show to others, and it is difficult to hide. Your sun sign is the one you read about in daily horoscopes in newspapers and magazines, and these analyses are based on 12 possible birth periods. You may share characteristics of the sign next to yours if you were born within a few days of the next or previous sign — this is known as being on the cusp.

Aries – 22 March-20 April

The Aries character is one of adventure and enterprise. If you are a typical Aries you will know no fear. You have extremely high energy levels, love your freedom and hate having any sort of discipline imposed on you. You can be quick-tempered and impulsive.You may well be impatient — you want everything now. You are, however, enthusiastic and generous and very quick-thinking in emergencies.

Taurus – 21 April-21 May

The Taurus character is one of reliability, strength and patience. If you are a typical Taurus you will have limitless energy to see through any project you start. You are stubborn and relentless but have a broad back to cope with life’s adversities. You are a lover of good food and wines and work hard for luxury. You have a very strong moral code and stick to strict high principles in everything you do.

Gemini – 22 May-22 June

The Gemini character is entertaining, lively and a good communicator. A typical Gemini is quick-witted, highly intelligent and extremely versatile — there is nothing a true Gemini won’t try to turn their hand to. You have strong opinions but may change them. You can be extremely amusing and talkative and have a great flair for languages and ideas. Gemini is known as the Two Stars — Castor and Pollux (or Hercules and Apollo) represent its communicating aspect — you always need (and have) someone to talk to.

Cancer – 23 June-23 July

The Cancer character is caring and protective. A typical Cancer will feel things deeply and care a great deal about loved ones. You can be over-emotional and too sensitive sometimes but you are sympathetic and kind. You have very strong intuition and imagination. You have strong parenting instincts and depths of feelings which others can only guess at. Cancer is represented in the constellations as the Crab — you need desperately to be by water but you also need the land to give you your reality.

Leo – 24 July-23 August

The Leo character is dominant and powerful, and won’t shun the limelight. You are creative, enthusiastic and energetic. You can be too dramatic but you have talents, charm and personality. You are a great organizer and love being surrounded by people and action. The Sun is represented by the lion killed by Hercules and the lion’s mane is Leo’s distinguishing feature — your hair is important to you.

Virgo – 24 August-23 September

The Virgo character has taste and refinement; a typical Virgo won’t put up with anything second-best. You are tidy and organized and expect as much of others. You have strict rules and could be seen as fussy or critical.You are meticulous, work hard and delight in constant activity. Virgo was the daughter of Jupiter and the goddess Themis, and became the goddess of justice.

Libra – 24 September–23 October

The Libra character is calm and rational. A typical Libra will be charming, loved and respected. You like an easy-going life and are idealistic and romantic. You may be seen as frivolous because you back away from confrontation and unpleasantness but you are refined and elegant and don’t need confusion around you. Libra is represented by the Scales — you see balance in everything and weigh all decisions carefully. You understand give and take and are prepared to compromise — sometimes too readily.

Scorpio – 24 October-22 November

The Scorpio character is one of indulgence and excess, passion and emotions. If you are a typical Scorpio you will feel things intensely and be driven by a strong sense of purpose. You are discerning and imaginative. Whatever you dedicate yourself to you will do wholeheartedly and completely. You have great endurance and strength and are a powerful person. Scorpio is represented by the scorpion who rose from the earth to attack Orion. You have a hard outer shell but are warm and soft inside —however, you are the one with the sting in your tail.

Sagittarius – 23 November-22 December

The Sagittarius character is one of freedom, loving travel and a search for knowledge and depth in all things. If you are a typical Sagittarius you simply love to know. You keep an open mind and are adaptable and friendly. You are wise and clever with sound judgement and a responsible nature. You value your freedom highly and do not like discipline, rules or routine. You are a seeker after truth and knowledge above all things. Sagittarius is represented by the centaur Cheiron: half-man, half-horse, to symbolize your love of travelling, with a drawn bow to symbolize your ability to cut straight to the truth.

Capricorn – 23 December-19 January

The Capricorn character may be seen as very serious but in reality you are determined and relentless. If you are a typical Capricorn you place great emphasis on hard work, fulfilling your obligations and improving. You don’t like to stand still and be bored. You are a determined seeker after understanding and power. You are ambitious and persevering. You have a tremendous sense of humour and fun but don’t allow it to show except when you are with very close friends. The world sees you as steady and reliable. Capricorn is symbolized by Pan, the goat, a seducer of nymphs and a knower of secret things.

Aquarius – 20 January—I9 February

The Aquarius character is one of independence and friendliness. There is nothing you wouldn’t do for others. If you are a typical Aquarius you will be modern in your outlook. You follow your ruling planet closely — you collect nothing and get rid of everything. You prune everything in your life — friendships, ideals, dreams and goals —closely and carefully. You are interested in ideas not possessions. You are an intellectual, and are inventive and resourceful. You are a loyal idealist, kind and a champion of the underdog. Aquarius is symbolized by the upturned water jug — a constant stream of ideas and inspiration.

Pisces – 20 February- 21 March

The Pisces character is one of change and intuition. If you are a typical Pisces you change your feelings many times during a day and you feel everything intensely. You are kind and receptive and genuinely care about others. Like any water — changing from ice to water, from water to steam, and back to water — the true Pisces character cannot be grasped, for it is unworldly and nebulous. Pisces is symbolized by Venus and Cupid, who changed themselves into fish to escape the amorous advances of the giant Typhon.