How To Perform A Magical Tool Consecration Ritual

Tool Consecration Ritual

Tool Consecration……

There are many ways of consecrating tools, and often the simplest methods are the best. A well thought our prayer may suffice. In the pagan traditions, objects used in rituals are consecrated by presenting them first to the four quarters or points and finally to the Goddess and God.

Those practitioners who feel the need to honour the cardinal points will recognize the significance of incense as representing Air in the East, the candle representing Fire-in the South, Water signifying its own element in the West with salt or earth symbolizing the Earth in the North.

The below ritual, which is only one method of consecration, can be used to consecrate your magical tools or altar objects and with a little adaptation might also be used to consecrate or dedicate such items as personal jewellery or magical gifts (for example, crystals or wands ).



White candle

Small bowl of water

Small bowl of salt or earth

Your chosen tool


Cast your circle. Ask for a blessing on the articles representing the quarters. Place the symbols in the appropriate directions.

Pick up the object to be consecrated. Concentrate on the goals you want to achieve and the actions that you want to carry out then say:

Before you wandering spirits, I bring this [name tool] May its benefits be devoted to the work of the Lady and Lord.

Light the incense and waft the object through the incense smoke.


By force of Air, be purified. Be devoted to clarity. May all aspirations be realized for the greater good of all.