Topaz - Crystal Healing

Topaz – Crystal Healing

Like many stones on this list, topaz comes in a number of varieties that will help you on your various quests for chakra work and enlightenment. However, the most common one is golden topaz, which focuses on your solar plexus and sacral chakras. There are other variations, like I’ve mentioned. But there’s also a prominent use of blue topaz, which as you may have guessed, is aligned to help you with your throat chakra.

As far as your meditation concerns go with topaz, it’s fairly common among crystal communities that topaz is the stone that you use when you really want to contact your spirit guides. It’s a way to commune with the other powers of the universe to help you along your path and to give you guidance when you may need it most. This is a powerful stone that is often coupled with meditation and with multiple varieties; you can experiment to see where you’re going to be most successful with communicating with your spirit guides.

Topaz is commonly associated with calming stress and reducing the negative energy that will come around you. Topaz will help dispel that negative energy and will give you ease and clarity in the work that is before you. This is a helpful stone for those looking to make things easier for them in their day to day activities.