How To Perform A Safe Travel Spell

Travel Spell

Spell to ensure safe travel….

For safe journeying, find an unusual stone and mark it with the alchemical symbol for air, which is the wind for travellers. Take it with you to ensure your own safe passage, or give it to someone else to carry until they return.

You Will Need

♦ An unusual stone from your area

♦ 2.7 m (9 ft) white cord

♦ Yellow candle, blessed

♦ Lavender incense or essential oil

♦ Aromatherapy burner (if necessary)

♦ Yellow and violet paints

♦ Artist’s paintbrush


This spell is to be performed on a Wednesday.


Find a stone that is different in some way from other stones in your area, perhaps in colour, shape or size. Take it home with you, asking permission of it first.

1) Open your cord circle and honour the four directions. Place the yellow candle and lavender incense or essential oil in the centre of the circle and light them.

2) Facing east, paint your stone yellow then draw a triangle in violet, with a line near its base, as • shown. This is the alchemical symbol for air.

3) Hold the stone up to the east and as you do say the invocation eight times, making sure that you say “Thank you” after the eighth.

O Raphael, Angel of the east, fill this stone with your blessing and protection. I pray to you for a safe journey for me (or someone else’s name) on the path this journey takes, until I (or other) can return.

4) Close your spell and circle in the usual way. Carry your stone with you on your journey.