Simple Tree Meditation Techniques

Tree Meditation Technique

Tree Meditation……

The apple tree and its fruit represent the magical circle — a group of celebrants; it is also the cycle of birth, death and regeneration. In the seed we may perceive our birth; with the fruit we maintain our lives; as the tree decays we see death. The roots of the tree suggest stability and symbolize our beginnings, the branches epitomize enlightenment and represent many systems of belief. The trunk is the single unifying force that holds everything together.

In this meditation, you shift your perception from contemplating the apple to sensing the energy and finally visualizing yourself becoming the tree. This gives you an empathy with nature.




Cut the apple in half horizontally.

Begin by contemplating the seed of the apple. Packed within that tiny seed is the potential of the large tree it will become. Sense that potential, see it as power, as movement, as energy waiting to become. Now visualize the tree as it begins to grow.

Shift your perception to the energy of the tree, feel it growing as it draws on the power around it to become stronger, to grow and unfold. Feel as the energy begins to send roots down into the earth, reaching, seeking, growing out and away from the original point of power (its seed).

Feel the energy also reaching upwards, upwards towards the light, seeking warmth and sustenance, unfurling, uncurling, becoming stronger by the second. Now as the energy of your middle section, your trunk, begins to lengthen and to grow, become aware of the power that is present.

Your roots are reaching further and further into the earth, stabilizing your whole structure, allowing you to stand firm and yet having knowledge of the earth.

Your branches are beginning to unfold – every experience adding to the strength of the tree — yet flexible in the wind as it blows, bending and twisting to gain the best advantage.

The trunk is becoming firmer and firmer and more at peace with its place in the world.

Now, in passing, note the nurturing that goes on through the roots, the stability of the known world, the energy which runs throughout, this time reaching up into the leaves. Hear the rustle of the leaves as they communicate.

Sense the light and the power that is still to be gained, and begin to reach out beyond your own framework towards that light.

Feel yourself growing larger, expanding, and able to take in more and more from the light above but still firmly grounded in the earth below.

Feel the energy from above now meeting the energy from below. Both are changed, both enhanced, so allow the combined energy to grow till it can go no further. At this point begin to allow the excess energy to flow down into the roots and out into the land around.

Let the energy flow until you feel balanced, poised between Land and Sky, Heaven and Earth, spiritual and physical. Now truly you stand between two worlds.