Tree Personality Meanings

Tree Personality Meanings

Apple (Love) — These people are of slight build, are attractive and appealing with a pleasant aura. They can be enterprising and flirtatious, a sensitive and tender partner. They tend always to be in love, wanting to love and be loved. Faithful and generous, they live for the moment, can have a scientific bent, and a carefree attitude to life.

Ash (Ambition) — These are usually the centre of attention and they revel in it. They are often attractive and spontaneous but can also be brash and demanding. They hate being criticized, but are very loyal to those close to them. They can play mind games with people, but their reliability and trustworthiness usually means they are good friends to have.

Beech (Creative) — People born under the rulership of this tree have good taste but are also vain. They keep fit and make good natural leaders, making few risky decisions. Because they are well organized and economical, they also make good life partners.

Birch (Inspiration) — Lively and attractive, those born under the birch rulership are also humble but elegant and friendly. They do not like excess and hate garish, vulgar things around them. These people are calm, but coupled with that can be a lack of passion and ambition.

Cedar (Confidence) — These people are usually of special beauty. They are adaptable, have a tendency to be impatient but are able to make the right decisions quickly. Cedar tree people are hardworking and eager to please though they can also be a touch condescending. Their all-round abilities generally makes them popular to be around.

Chestnut (Honesty) — Usually striking and bubbly these people are something of a paradox as they also lack self-confidence and consequently can be irritable and sensitive in company. They are good to have on your side in an argument but can appear superior and they always feel as though they might be misunderstood.

Cypress (Faithfulness) — Cypress tree people are usually solid and dependable. They take what life throws at them and make the best of what they are left with. They are faithful but also petty and not easily satisfied. They are, however, very passionate and are rarely satisfied sexually.

Elm (Noble-mindedness) — Often good leaders but not good followers, they can be unforgiving but do not ask much of people. They are good to have in a crisis and will often see it as their duty to take charge. Generally cheerful and generous, they are honest and faithful but can be a little overbearing.

Fig (Sensibility) — Such a person loves life and everything in it but can be very lazy. Independent and stubborn, they hate losing arguments. They often have many ‘mates’ but not many close friends, often attracting others with their sharp sense of humour.

Fir (Mysterious) — Blessed with great dignity and sophistication, they have an appreciation of all things highbrow. People born in the shadow of the fir tree are usually arrogant and ambitious but talented and hardworking. Those close to them are held very dear but many friends also breed many enemies.

Hazelnut (Extraordinary) — Often making a good first impression, these people are usually sympathetic and considerate. They have a deep social conscience but are tolerant of others and try to see the good in all people. They can be moody and are not always faithful.

Hornbeam (Good Taste) — Liking to take care of their looks, these people are generally fit and naturally good-looking. They have good taste and try to make life as comfortable as possible; this is usually done by being undemanding and running to a well rehearsed, if somewhat erratic, routine. Often mistrusting of their own feelings they can be totally perplexed by others, constantly looking for approval.

Lime (Doubt) — Lime tree people accept what life dishes out in a composed way, hate fighting, stress and hard work but also dislike laziness. They will often make sacrifices for their friends, being very loyal. With many facets, they are not determined enough to go for broke and frequently complain about their circumstances.

Maple (Independence of Mind) — These are no run-of-the-mill people. Being a complex mixture of imagination and originality, they are highly motivated, upstanding and while on the whole self-confident, they can have a propensity to be shy and withdrawn. Such people have complex relationships, often wanting to be noticed.