Understanding Our Personal Aura Bubbles

Understanding Our Personal Aura Bubbles

Aura Bubbles…..

We are constantly being bombarded by all kinds of electromagnetic waves in our environment. We are influenced by those emitted from cell phone towers, power lines, electronic devices and so on, and by considerably more sources when living in cities. Likewise, we are constantly coming into contact with the influence of other people’s auras. When someone walks by close to you, you may feel as if he or she has siphoned off some of your energy. At other times, a sudden grasp of your arm might seem like an intrusion of your privacy.

Have you ever walked into a room of people and felt a sudden change within yourself without good reason? It may feel like they were having a private conversation and felt intruded upon, or you just walked into a space of high energy that suddenly causes you to feel overwhelmed or even right at home, depending on who you are.

When surrounded by a set of people, sometimes you might naturally feel the need to move away from them. Or when perusing a public place, you might feel inexplicably drawn to a certain enigmatic person just to be around them or engage them. Have you ever felt extremely comfortable in the company of a person without knowing them too long? It is because they are giving off a very calm and soothing “vibe” – now no longer a slang term since we have a better understanding of the effects of vibrations. These subconscious reflexes indicate the presence of an aura and the ability of the human consciousness to sense it.

Have you ever noticed that someone you are unfamiliar with may step in range of you closer than you are comfortable with, while you allow friends and family to get closer to you? There is an interesting phenomenon that people most often naturally abide by when it comes to the familiarity level of a relationship which speaks further to the subconscious sense of our auras with regard to personal space.

When people are first meeting each other or have become acquaintances, they will normally stand about six feet apart from each other in conversation. This is the distance in which they are each comfortable in their own personal space where their auric fields, normally about a three-foot radius from the body, are free from influence of the other or are just touching to get a sense of the other.

As a relationship develops and two people become friends, the increasing comfort level of familiarity and being around each other usually sees the diminishing physical space between them when spending time together. Typically at this level, friends will be about three feet away from each other when talking or hanging out. Each has gotten a sense of what it is like to be in the other’s vicinity – their auric field – and allow themselves to share each other’s space equally.

In the case of best friends, close family members and intimate partners, people will know the feeling of what it is like to be directly in that person’s field so well that it is a shared comfort and they draw closely to each other, within one to two feet, on a regular basis where direct contact (causal touching) is commonplace and welcome.