Clothing To Wear When You Are A Witch

What Clothing To Wear When You Are A Witch?

Clothes that Wiccans wear are similar to what everyone else wears in the culture in which they were raised. However, true Wiccans are very concerned about the Earth and our environment and will usually choose natural and long lasting fabrics such as cotton or linen. Furs, leather and even silk may be avoided since animals and people may be hurt in their creation. When pain is caused in the manufacturing of an item, that pain persists in the clothing as negative energy and may hurt us. To avoid that, use only natural, plant based fibers to clothe yourself.

Although witches are pictured as wearing a long, black robe with a pointy hat, reality is far from it. Witches may wear any style of clothing from regular clothes in various colors to ritual based clothing that may have specific colors. For example, people may wear gypsy style clothes, tunics, ritual robes, capes, surcoats, with or without accessories.

Ritual robes are used by men and women. They usually have a hood, mantle and tabard and may be customized with extras for men and women. Surcoats come in many styles with side slits or gathers. For women, there are many varieties of gypsy skirts in many colors and styles. Sometimes made with satin, silk or rayon, they may be decorated with sequins, buttons, embroidery, glass beads, charms, feathers, etc. Meditation cloaks are clothes which completely cover our body and keep us warm so that we can focus on the meditation. Our hands may be kept outside the robe if needed. Heavy, old fashioned capes are worn as well as soft, flowing, light ones. They are all hooded and made for women as well as men.

For everyday wear, Witches wear anything that suits their fancy. Most of their clothes come in colors of the Earth, such as greens (plants), browns (Earth), gold (Sun) and silver (Moon Goddess). They also like the colors of the Sunset and flowers or anything that is close to nature.

Witches like to wear clothing that is not too tight as it restricts the flow of energy and circulation of blood. As they live freely, and are not afraid of society, they are free to choose an appearance that they are pleased with, not what others are pleased with.

Men and women wear loose gowns, caftans, shawls, veils, hooded burnooses, and capes in all shapes and sizes. The main goal is to allow freedom and ease of movement. Witches spend a lot of time outside, whether it is for gardening, tending to herbs, picking flowers and fruits or communing with nature. So they need protection from the sun, rain, wind, frost, etc. Pieces of clothing that they can use many times and in many conditions will be the witch’s choice.

Usually, a witch’s wardrobe will consist of a few robes and hooded capes along with outdoor accessories such as a purse, a jacket, a wide-brimmed hat and maybe some gloves. As they do not care about fashion, most of their clothes are chosen for practicality and protection rather than looks.

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