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What is an Aura?

The aura is sometimes seen as a flow of personal energy around the body…….

Every object and organism in the universe is surrounded by an electromagnetic field in its immediate vicinity. An aura is an electromagnetic field that surrounds a human being. This energy field is sometimes referred to as a Human Energy Field (HEF). This is how most people think of auras, but each living thing from animals to plants and non-living things such as crystals and gems have auras too. The nature of these auras simply varies from person to organism to inanimate object.

There are two main views on the origins of auras that can be found in both the scientific and spiritual communities, and really they are both just looking at the same thing from different perspectives. One view holds that auras emanate from the cellular and electrochemical activities going on within our bodies to create this electromagnetic field. The other view sees the aura as an energetic representation of our true selves and has more to do with determining the mental, emotional and physical states of our being rather than the other way around.

It is a bit like the chicken and the egg argument to summarize, depending on your understanding of the universe, but for simplicity’s sake and the salvation of length for this book, we can say that the aura and everything else that compiles our existence – be it a mindset, physical body, emotions and consciousness – are all intimately connected.

The principle that becomes the focal point of both views mentioned above has to do with vibrations. We are talking about atomic and subatomic vibrations and their frequencies, the varying frequencies of waves on the electromagnetic spectrum and waves of light both visible and invisible. In this sense, every single thing in this universe has a vibration; from the densest rock to the Earth itself, to people, to water, to what is real and quite literally what is imaginary as well. Different thoughts carry vibrations and so do emotions. Sounds are easy to comprehend as carrying vibration, and the difference in frequencies of all these things have different effects on us whether we are aware of them or not.

Without getting too technical, if you remember from your high school physics class, almost everything is made of atoms, or particles, which are constantly in motion. Solid objects have particles that are packed in very closely together and vibrate off one another. Liquid particles have a bit more room to move around and can slide past each other, which give liquids their particular properties as matter. Gas particles have even more room than solids and liquids to bounce around.

One type of medium is allowed to pass through another as long as that second medium has more space between their particles. This is why dense solid objects can sink and move through water and both solids and liquids can pass through a gaseous environment, which is pretty much everything under the sun in our atmosphere. Solid objects that float on water do so because there are pockets trapped in them that contain gas, such as the case for most wood and rocks like the pumice stone.

Waves and rays such as the radio, micro and UV variety behave differently in that they are not exactly matter, rather they are concentrations of energy that can be beamed through the space between particles. This is why you can receive radio wave signals inside your house and why there is talk about radio wave signals being beamed out into space. Light, whether visible in the spectrum of the rainbow or invisible on the ends of the spectrum from infrared to UV, has been proven to behave as both a wave and a particle simultaneously. This makes it a different kind of animal altogether. It can pass through gases, liquids, and solids such as glass and crystal prisms and changes its course of direction depending on the medium. Consider going to a laser show sometime and you will get a better idea of what I mean. Light follows a simple rule though, which is to travel the path of least resistance.

Now when it comes to fields, these are three-dimensional spaces which have an intensity of charged particles that changes or diminishes as they move further away from their source. An electromagnetic field is one that is created from running electricity through a medium, influencing the particles around it. If you think of any type of wire in your house or one connected to an electronic device, what is happening to transmit that power is that highly charged ions cause the atoms of the metal wire to send other charged ions down the line. When this happens, the electric ions affect the metal atoms in such a way that they give off a field of charged magnetism around the wire, even through the insulated covering.

Every type of electronic device creates these fields. If you remember for the first few years when cell phones hit the mainstream market there was concern about the radiation coming off of them causing adverse effects to people’s health, mostly in the form of cancerous tumors. While the effect of these devices has shown not to cause such immediate and detrimental problems, their continual use over longer periods of time still do influence our bodies and minds. If you have ever been to a music concert where a musician brings their plugged in electrical instrument too close to the amplifier, you will know that unforgettable high-pitched whine that is caused by the distortion of contrasting electromagnetic fields.

A similar thing happens to us by constantly being in the direct vicinity of electronic devices on subtler levels. This is why it is recommended to keep cell phones away from your person as much as possible, carrying them in a bag instead of your pocket for example. It is also recommended to keep alarm clocks and computers as far away from your bed at night as possible, at least three feet in distance, especially from your head.

Now, if you have ever heard of certain crystals, stones and gems having healing properties for living organisms, it is due to the auric field that they emit. They can be used for a multitude of purposes depending on the properties of the crystals and stones themselves, from personal energetic healing and promotion of mental clarity to cleansing the space in a room and holding a certain vibration beneficial to anyone who enters. I was sceptical of this notion myself at first, but there is a very practical and scientific explanation behind it.

Each crystal and stone has a percentage of silica in it that, based on the quantity and structure, holds a vibration that has a direct influence on the minerals and other components of our bodies. If we are ill or experiencing an energetic block of some sort, the aura of these crystals and stones – the vibrational field that they emit – interacts with our own aura and silica composition in our bodies, raising a low vibration of ill health to higher vibrations, promoting a sense of healing.

Think about it: every electronic device we know of today contains a quartz crystal or some variant in its hardware. The ideal structures of these crystals streamline the power and function of these devices. Watches contain quartz crystals as well to maintain their steady pace. The difference in the auras of these crystals and stones as opposed to living organisms is that they do not fluctuate – they remain fixed.

Only when a person places their conscious intentions into these inanimate objects does their auric output increase. Or when used excessively for healing purposes, the output of the crystals and stones decreases and they require cleansing. Once a conscious influence has been removed from these crystals and stones, their output remains fixed again. We will further discuss the influence of consciousness on auras later in the chapters on detecting and observing auras as well as auras in healthcare.

Let’s take a look at the human composite. Now that we have discussed the fundamental principles of vibrations and electromagnetic fields, you will have a better idea of the inner workings in how the auras of living organisms work and what they actually are. From the standpoint of our bodies’ physiology and our emotions determining the nature of our auras, let’s first take a look at the network of neurons running throughout our bodies. Neurons are the cells that allow every other single cell in the body to speak to each other. They create a vast network in the brain and travel down the brainstem down the spine as the spinal cord, branching out to different places in the body. They connect to our organs and muscles to help regulate the body’s metabolic processes, hormone levels, and response and reaction to external stimuli.

Although the firing of neurons to send signals throughout the body is chemically induced, it is the electrical impulses of these neurons that carry the messages throughout vast lengths in the body from the brain to the body and vice versa. You can consider the electrical firing of these neurons to act similarly to the wires carrying electricity that we discussed earlier. Some neurons are insulated, some are not, but they nonetheless create a field around them that can interact with other minerals and metals in the body such as iron in the blood pertaining to hemoglobin – that which allows blood to transport oxygen throughout the body to cells for healthy function. They also affect the percentage of water in the body, which we will discuss in a future article.

Exploring this further, we must take into consideration where people predominantly place their attention in their lives to better understand their aura type. This will incorporate the Eastern energetic systems of the chakras and meridians that flow throughout the body. For example if a person is primarily focused on materialistic gains and losses or predominantly athletic or focused on the body, their attention leans to the root of the chakra system at the base of the spine. Most of their activity will be centered on this area, inciting greater neural activity here, which is associated with the color red. Therefore a person who is mainly focused on these physical aspects of life will exude a red aura.

Similarly, if a person is a great communicator and excels in speech, making it a core part of their daily lives, their attention will be focused toward the throat, which is associated with the color blue and will result in their having a blue aura. One more example would be a pensive person who mostly uses their brain to approach the demands of life with their thinking skills. They might have great insight into situations where others do not, and so the majority of their neural activity will be centered at the third eye chakra which is associated with the color indigo, and thus they will give off an indigo colored aura.

This goes to show that where we direct our attention plays a major role in determining the nature of our aura. Indeed, linking with the level of consciousness or awareness we exert in our lives greatly affects the way our auras manifest. I had mentioned before that our thoughts and emotions carry vibrations. To illustrate a brief demonstration of this principal, have you ever noticed someone being angry, sad, or joyous without them blatantly expressing it? There may be clues such as body language present, but if you are able to feel it coming off of them without a verbal or physical cue, you are subsequently walking right into their auric field without realizing it.

This field has varying densities because the electromagnetic waves vary with densities as the waves permeate through the physical matter of a living being. In humans an aura is known to define a radius of almost two to three feet around them, or about an arm’s length. This area or span of an aura is known as the “auric egg”. The measurement of an arm’s length is an average estimation of the size of an aura, however this area can fluctuate depending on the conscious, emotional and physical factors that a person is experiencing at the time.

An aura can withdraw to the surface of the skin at various particular places on the body or all around, or it can expand in all directions, including into the ground and through walls, to twice the size of the average radius. As a person expands their consciousness in spiritual practice, the size of their aura naturally expands as well. The aura is sometimes seen as a flow of personal energy around the body.