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What is the Significance of an Aura?

Significance of an Aura…..

The colors and varying intensities of an aura have their own meanings. They are unique to a person and cannot be forged. It’s almost similar to a person’s tell when playing poker, if you are familiar with the expression. Each person’s aura becomes a unique signature unto him or herself and reveals certain characteristics about that person.

Reading auras is very similar to and perhaps the cornerstone for all mind-reading activities. As you develop your skills at reading auras to advanced levels, you will find that the amount of information you can interpret from them becomes very in-depth.

Becoming proficient at reading and sensing auras comes with many benefits, as it is a practice of developing another sense of yours just like you might acquire benefits from honing your eyesight or sense of hearing. In this case, since developing your ability to sense auras involves expanding your consciousness to better understand the world around you, you will come to know yourself better as well as others on many levels.

You will come to know that the quality and characteristic of a person’s aura tells many things about them that might not be readily apparent just from inferencing information in a conversation. Getting a sense of a person’s aura will help you to understand their true intentions as well as more about their personality. In accordance with reading auras and applying the information you know about them, you will be able to get a better sense of what kind of environment you are in around people.

This quality is especially beneficial to empaths, or people who are very sensitive to the emotional state of others around them. Often times empaths endure added stress in life because they are picking up other’s emotions whether they are aware of it or not and feel those emotions themselves which can be taxing on their energy and confusing as to where the emotions are coming from and how to deal with them properly. Reading auras will allow these sensitive people to

become more aware of the source of these emotions so they can know not to take them on as their own, and even learn how to properly protect themselves against those who project or gush unhealthy emotional vibrations around them.

In recognizing the traits of another person’s aura, you can also develop a better sense of how to engage and relate to that person. For example, a person with an orange aura tends to be particularly creative, so getting involved with them in collaborative projects is a great platform to connect and bring out the best in them. If you notice a dim aura in a person or grey or black patches, you know that this person is unhealthy and you will be able to make a better decision about whether to avoid them or ask questions specific to the area to bring it to their attention in a compassionate way, and you may even offer to aid in healing them for that aspect if you feel that is a part of your calling in life.

Observing a person’s aura enables you to read their thoughts before they say it out loud or even refrain from saying it altogether, but it helps to keep an objective point of view that is, non-judgemental when doing so. If an aura does not agree with what he or she is saying then you can confirm that the person is lying.

Auras are natural and cannot be faked, even if the person is lying. In simple terms, a person with a bright, clear aura can be regarded as one who is pure and of good intentions while a dark and muddy aura may be indicative of unclear intentions or scheming. So then as you become proficient at maintaining the view of a person’s aura while speaking to them, if they are consciously aware of telling you something that is false, you will notice their aura begin to dim or get dull.

Children are considered to be adept at reading auras. This would explain why infants tend to stare into the space above a person’s head. A dark aura seems to upset them regardless of however nice he or she might seem in person. Children usually exhibit cleaner and stronger auras. They are not tainted by the materialistic world where we are forced to subdue our nature and assume a less than genuine personality. Kids who are now just entering their teenage years are aware and accept that they were able to see auras at one point of time when they were younger. This talent fades away as the child grows due to a lack of proper training.