What is wicca and witchcraft

What Is Wicca?

Wicca is an Anglo-Saxon word that means shaping nature based on someone’s will. It refers to the possibility of a person to utilize magick, but it comes under certain conditions too. In whole, Wicca is a contemporary pagan religion with roots in the first expression of nature worship. A typical case of new tradition that is actually old, Wicca is the type of movement that wants to turn people to the old traditions and habits. This means that it offers a different perspective over religion and the way you can practice it without being in any way connected to classic monotheist beliefs.

Wicca is categorized as a neo-pagan religion, which means that it has been present before Christianity. In fact, all pagan religions are pre-Christian and include the worship of various local deities as well as a varied array of mysteries.

Wiccan ReligionMost of these religions disappeared as soon as people embraced Christianity. Even so, some areas still keep distant echoes of the old beliefs. This is what neo-paganism really is; a revival of the old beliefs. Examples in this regard are the British neo-pagans that worship Celtic gods, the Scandinavians who worship the Viking gods, the Egyptians that worship the gods of the Nile and so on.

Originated at the beginning of all neo-pagan religions, Wicca is often confused with the oldest pre-Christianity religion that was scattered throughout Europe when people lived in harmony with nature and everyone got along with everyone. Even the existence of such religion sounds too utopic to be actually true, but Wicca is definitely close to that Since the notions of Wicca were often misunderstood because they were simply different, its practitioners were persecuted and often accused of witchcraft in every possible way that wasn’t positive.

Although there is no proof that the victims of the Inquisition were actually pagans, there is a general opinion that Wicca is the same with the type of witchcraft practised back then. Wiccans do believe in magick and they see it as the art of changing the environment according to their desires.

This is the simplest definition even though it involves a moral code that is based on fair principles regarding someone’s will and the consequences of one’s actions. The art of manipulating energy, Wicca’s magick is closely connected to nature and the Universe we are all part of.

The desire to change the natural course of things is not approved by Wicca and that’s why some people consider there is nothing supernatural about it. There are numerous sources that refer to Wicca and Witchcraft as they are synonyms, fact which is not entirely correct.

How to learn WiccaThere is a significant difference between the two notions that consists in the dissimilarities between faith and practice. More specifically, you can be a Wiccan without practising witchcraft or you can be a witch, without having to be a Wiccan.

Most Wiccans do believe in witchcraft and they are witches, but their guidance is the Craft of the Wise, about which you will find out more later on. Since Wicca is a religion that utilizes magick, it is considered unique and attractive by those who have an open mind.

Those that don’t believe magick and religion can go hand in hand often confuse it with something bad. In the concept of Wicca, magick is when you use nature’s powers and energy in order to make a needed change. Used as a tool to sanctify places, perfecting ourselves and the world we live in are its most important usages. Therefore, if you only wish to practice magick, then Wicca is probably not the answer you are looking for.

Magic and magick both refer to the idea of power, but magic is performed by an artist who does card tricks and other tricks alike, while magick comes from the world of witches and includes spells, healing and recovery forces and even divinity.

Basically, the Wiccans are hying to live in harmony with nature and to assume responsibility for the environment. They believe that the Goddess is everywhere, not just sitting somewhere and watching us.

The Goddess and the God are considered one deity in the Wiccan religion. Neither of the two is stronger, better or more important. The Wiccan demigods are smaller details of the Whole, not separate deities.