What Makes Magic Work

What Makes Magic Work?

What Makes Successful Magic….

What makes Magic work? There are various factors, which lead to successful magic, and many of these practices are supported by scientific reasoning, as well as recent FDA studies of certain plants mentioned in the pages of this book. Many of these spells, concoctions, and brews are derived from actual healing practices passed down from generations of healers.

While Shamans, Healers, and Doctors have continued to use these plants in their practices for thousands of years, our modern day scientific communities have only just begun to recognize these benefits as worthy of study. As a result of this new found interest, many of the healing properties of these long used herbs are being confirmed as fact. Studies have shown that aromatherapy is not a web of wives’ tales as some may believe.

The healing qualities of herbs and plants can be obtained in various ways, and will vary depending on whether the herbs will need to be taken internally, or applied externally. If the herb is to be taken internally, the safest, and most productive method would be to purchase a bottle of pharmaceutical grade, supplemental
capsules, or tablets. These can be found at your local department, drug, health store, or from online outlets like Amazon.com.

The power of the mind is in fact, a powerful thing, which happens to be my next support for effective Magic. You must believe in yourself, as a source of Magic. Until a person realizes that they have the potential to make powerful changes, they will be unsuccessful at their efforts. I’m not going to attempt to explain the scientific and psychological data which supports the fact that self-esteem makes a difference in one’s abilities, but it does, and we all know this. Meaning, what you believe you can do, will definitely impact the results of what you do.

Another supporting factor in producing effective Magic which holds true in a small portion of occult practices stems from hysteria. It is very possible, and actually very easy to manipulate someone into succumbing to a spell, whether it‘s a healing spell, or another. Some people simply allow themselves to accept the spell, in which case, it will usually play itself out on the intended person.

The power of the mind, combined with one’s willpower can accomplish tasks scientists haven’t yet begun to understand. Regardless if your commands are verbal, or with an offering of herbs, or in the form of a silent ritual, the ultimate goal is to express your desires or your need for a particular action, and ultimately, to get results.

Many practitioners only practice certain mediums of magic like candle magic, or spirit summoning, or herbal healing. The method you choose is not nearly as important as your convictions while performing the Magic. It is your intent and willpower which will ultimately make your magic effective.