When to Celebrate Wiccan Holidays Article

When to Celebrate Wiccan Holidays

Wiccan Holidays…….

Wiccans celebrate their holidays or Sabbats depending on seasonal and natural earth rhythms. The beginning of the Wiccan year is on Halloween, October 31st and the end on October 30th. Wiccans celebrate their holidays from sundown to sundown next day. There are eight holidays or Sabbats on Wicca wheel of the year.

Samhain is celebrated on October 31st. Also known as Halloween, the day of the dead or November eve is the most important of the four great Sabbats. On this holiday, thin veil between the world of the living and the dead is lifted, so the communication with the dead and the departed loved ones is easy on this day. It is celebrated as the festival of death and darkness as opposed to the festival of light and fertility Beltane which is held in spring.

Yule is the festival of winter’s solstice; it is the celebration of returning of the light. It is usually held on December 21st but different traditions put it from 20th to 23rd. It is the celebration of newborn Sun and it is the time of renewal and new hope.

Imbolc or Candlemas, celebrated on February 2nd is the preparation for the spring it is a great time for purification, consecration, and dedication. It is also the symbolic change of the Goddess from the crone to the maiden.

Ostara is the celebration of spring equinox around 21st of March. On this day night and day are of equal length, spring has come. This is the time of fertility birth and renewal. It is a great time to be outdoors and feel the energy of the nature.

Beltain is the celebration of the marriage of Horned God and Mother Goddess. It is held on May 1st. This is the time reflect and appreciate everything that has been given in your life.

Litha or Midsummer is celebrated on June 21st. This time is a peak of magickal power that comes from nature. This is the longest day and shortest night. This is a good time for empowerment and consummation.

Lughnasad held on August 1st is the time of harvest and bounty. It is time to honor our strength, vision, and skill; it is the time to remember the gifts we receive.

Mabon is celebrated on September 21st the autumn equinox. It is a time of second harvest and time of thanksgiving. It is time to embrace the darkness as parts of us that we constantly repress.

Besides Sabbats in which Wiccans celebrate the Sun, many Wiccans also celebrate Moon through Esbats. The Esbats are celebrated on a full moon, new moon and moon quarters.

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Learn more about Wicca Sabbats and Esbats, how they are celebrated, which rituals and customs are performed on each day. Also, learn more about their origins and how each one was celebrated in the old days.