Which Pagan/Wiccan Gods & Goddesses Should You Worship

Which Gods & Goddesses Should You Worship?

Different Pagan & Wiccan Deities…..

Since I’ve began my studies of various religions, and more particular, as the owner of an occult supply business, I’ve learned that almost everyone in the Pagan community bows down to a different deity.

While most Covens will agree as a group on issues such as deity names and idols, a solitary practitioner may pray to whatever deity he or she chooses. For this reason, I have made this book versatile for anyone to use, regardless of their particular Wiccan beliefs.

To practice the spells, and rituals I share, you need not be a High Priest or Priestess of a Coven, or even a long schooled Pagan. Simply incorporate the God/s or Goddesses of your personal preference into the spells and rituals when necessary. This will also help personalize the spells for you, which will encourage the effectiveness of the work you are performing.

While most Wiccans bow down to both a God & Goddess, many only choose to bow to the Goddess, and vice versa.

I do not presume to understand the complexities of sources so incredibly above my intellectual reasoning as the Gods and Goddesses. This is why I personally don’t choose to ascribe them with names. For me, they are a force, above nature, above description.

While I fully expect your personal views regarding the essence of the Gods and Goddesses to greatly differ from mine, I certainly do not feel others are wrong. On the contrary, I believe that Religion is merely a path to God.

What path you choose is irrelevant, as long as the end result is a closer relationship with God. Regardless if you are Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, God is still God, and the name you choose, if any, should mean something to you, with respect to your personal religious views.

Witchcraft Gods & Goddesses…..

Witchcraft, like most Pagan religions around the world maintain a pyramid style deity structure in their hierarchy of Gods & Goddesses.

At the top of the pyramid you have the highest being, or as most people refer to it, God. This deity usually doesn’t resemble man, and is usually considered the strongest force within the universe. The rest of the pyramid is made up of other lesser deities, which contain aspects of God and man combined. The second layer of the pyramid, underneath God, is usually where you will find the major God & Goddess. Underneath the God and Goddess, you will find other minor Gods and Goddesses which will represent more specific attributes, such as Love Goddesses, Rain Gods, Gods of War, etc.

Now, not all Pagans, myself included, choose to summon the help from lesser deities, or even acknowledge their existence for that matter, but I hear their help can be quite useful. Most people I’ve encountered usually prefer to work with the Gods and Goddesses, under names which they feel comfortable with.

Popular names ascribed to the Gods and Goddesses found within Wicca include those originating in Ancient Greece, Rome, Egyptian and Celtic cultures. Today, almost any name you ascribe your God & Goddess would be acceptable, providing they embody the goodness which you are in search of preserving by being Wiccan. The names you choose should also reflect your personal interests.