Wicca: What Is The Magickal Circle

Wicca: The Magickal Circle

The magickal circle is supposed to be a sacred place that should provide a sort of magickal protection. There are numerous practitioners who use it and who believe that they couldn’t practice magick without its energy. Since number 9 is the number of the Goddess, your circle’s diameter should be 9 feet.

As for how to mark its extremities there are multiple options depending on where you are, namely indoors or outdoors. If you are indoors, you can use a piece of chalk to draw it on the floor, paint in case you want it to be permanent or a round carpet. Conversely, if you are somewhere in nature, you can use pebbles to delimit-ate the magickal circle (read how to cast a circle) on the ground.

Before you actually begin to make this circle, you should go through a centering experience. More specifically, you should charge your body with the energy that comes from earth. The way to do that is to simply visualize how earth’s energy fills your body.

When your ritual is complete, you should return the excess energy back to earth by using the same technique. This phase is called grounding and it is required unless you want to feel dizzy from overcharging yourself.

Energy follows thought, so try to give the needed importance to these two meditation states because that’s how you build and wash off the magickal circle.

Another very important thing you must know about the magickal circle is that it should begin from east, pass north, west, south and then go back to east. Once you are in this circle, you shouldn’t get out of it because all its protective powers will be lost. So, make sure you know where the cardinal points are or you have a compass with you to find out where they are. In addition, bring all the tools you will need inside the circle before you draw it. Your tools should be organized on an altar about which you will learn more if your read further.

Invoking the guardians and sending them away after finishing the ritual and what else you had in mind with the magickal circle is done by drawing pentagrams in the air, visualizing them in your mind. In addition, you should verbally invite them and welcome them by your side, as well as thanking them for the provided protection. The pentagrams that you need to virtually draw should begin from
different sides, depending on element.

For example, the pentagram for air should begin from east to west, that for earth from the top corner to lower left corner, that for water from west to the lower right corner and that for fire from the upper corner to the lower right corner. When you send the guardians away, you should reverse the order of drawing the pentagrams and thank the guardians for their support while saying goodbye.