Learning Wicca ~ Where Do You Start?

Wicca ~ Where Do I Start?

How do I start? I’m so overwhelmed I don’t know what path to follow!

This can be very daunting because there are so many books, clubs, and people of so many different paths to choose from. The most important thing you will do is read. Read everything you can get your hands on. Even if you are on a path do not stop learning about yourself and others. Follow your heart. Do not close your mind to things and different beliefs.

This can be hard I know; society, churches, media and family has shaped us to believe certain things are wrong or evil. But you are expanding yourself and those beliefs only hold you back. Ask questions and seek out the answers.

When I began learning the Internet was not as large as it is now so it was not that helpful. Now one simple search and thousands of sites come up. Your local library may have books to help also. Do not read just “Pagan” books. Read through historical books. Even books that are labelled myths and legends can hold information to help you.

Our society has trained us to believe the Bible is truth but all stories about other Gods and Goddesses and mythical creatures are myths. Our heroes of old are now regulated to legends.

No one can tell you what path is your path, only you can do that. Do not be afraid to take from different paths if that is what works for you though.

Recommended book to get started! ~ Wicca For Beginners