The Wiccan Moral Code For Witches

Wiccan Moral Code

Wicca’s practitioners and their moral code……

Wicca is a religion that doesn’t exclude anyone based on race, color, age, nationality, cultural background or sexual preference. Some choose to be Wiccan witches, others not. There is nothing unusual about having skills in witchcraft. Some see these skills as being above the ordinary and consider them supernatural. However, these skills are available to all, so they are ordinary.

Wiccan witches use energy from nature to improve their lives, to heal and to protect both their loved ones and the Earth. Those who practice magick look different depending on who describes them; the Christians, the Muslims, the Jews or the Buddhists all have varied visions about how witches look like. They are large or small, tall or short, fat or thin, brunette or blonde haired, young or old.

Wiccan witches are not ugly or always women as many people choose to believe. As said, you don’t have to practice magick in order to be a Wiccan, but most Wiccans do. Magick is actually part of the Wiccans’ vision of the world. They honor their teachers, but they don’t recognize any hierarchical authority because nobody is better than himself or herself.

You can become a Wiccan by inheritance, solitary study or by joining a group where you can learn more. However, you first need to know that Wiccans are not anti-Christianity nor have negative opinions about other religions. Because there are so many types of witches and traditions, they believe in a variety of things.

Besides variety, there is a basic belief pattern for all witches called the Moral Code that is perfectly condensed in the following expression: “An Ye Harm None, Do What Ye Will“. Simply put, as long as you do no harm, you can do whatever you want. If you think about it, this phrase covers the Christian Ten Commandments.

The most common interpretation of their philosophy consists in a freedom statement and the necessity to assume responsibility for your actions and to minimize the damage done to yourself and others. Another important element in the Wiccan Moral Code is the Triple Law, which says that any good or bad will return to the person who did it three times more powerful.

This is why Wiccans are respectful, modest, beautiful and full of compassion. These are the most basic principles that exclude the laws invented by different covens.

The Wiccan covens are like families of people who practice magick and believe in this neo-pagan religion. They believe in the Moral Code and in everything that it involves just like Christians. They know it is wrong to kill, to hurt intentionally, steal or lie. Because this code doesn’t clearly specify what should be avoided, every Wiccan is responsible his or her decisions and actions.

Now that you know more about Wiccans, you can conclude by yourself that the misconception according to which Wiccans worship Satan is wrong. This idea originates hundreds of years ago when Christian leaders encouraged their followers to see the pagans as anti-Christians.

In fact, the devil is not even conceptually present in the Wiccan belief. Evil and evil forces are not free-standing. They may only occur when malevolent beings act in their own interest for personal gain. Wiccans don’t believe that there is a hell where all the damned suffer for their sins.