Wiccan's Do Not Worship Satan!

Wiccan’s Do Not Worship Satan!

To begin with let’s say what Wicca is not! Wicca is not Satanist; we don’t worship Satan or any kind of evil. Doing evil is against a moral code of Wicca.

We are not anti-Christians, against Christianity or any other religion. We don’t sacrifice animals or people; it’s against a moral code of Wicca and against the common sense of every normal person.

We don’t force our religion or beliefs to anyone. We are regular people that chose our own individual spiritual path and don’t judge others for choosing theirs.

Wicca is based on old pagan religions that existed in Ireland Scotland and Wales, but it also includes numerous other ancient religions and deities like ancient Roman, Egypt, and Greek. There is no central authority or organization of Wicca religion.

There are thousands different Wicca groups that exist today and everyone is different in some way from other. Although there is some common ground for most of Wicca traditions like Goddess and God, Wiccan Rede, use of Magic, connection with nature and more.