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Welcome all witches! Are you struggling to think of an great witchy name? Make your own special name with our witches name generator!

This generator creates names for male and female witches of all ages, and can be used to create effective names for you to use either instead of or in conjunction with your birth name. Use your generated name for your social media & forum accounts or generate a witchy name for a friend.

How to find your true Wiccan name?

The Wiccan name is employed in the rituals, as we said previously. Therefore, when a Wiccan decides to follow the course that is occult, the Wiccan names should be picked up by her. Yet, it is not simple to do it. Certainly, to get the Wiccan name, she needs to consult about its significance. The most crucial thing is her own choice. This action known as a bridge between the human and also the Divine and is called as a representative rebirth.

There are plenty of Wiccan names. Each name might describe the most powerful characteristics or become a spiritual world that is particular. Keep in mind that the Wiccan names has the power that is special, so do not minimize them. Spend additional time and effort on picking the powerful and most suitable name.

Popular Witches Names…..

Some Wiccan names for woman…..

Adele means magnificent or noble.
Celeste means angelical.
Fiona means trustworthy.
Isaura means a light breath of air.
Morgana means a tenant of the ocean.
Soleil means the Sun.
And lots of others

Some Wiccan names for guys……

Aiden means a tiny fire.
Drake means powerful dragons.
Jade means a kind of the green stone that is priceless.
Leigh means the faith healer.
Trevor means intelligent.

It’s as the Wiccan is a member of a pagan religion. Hence, all of the names are linked to the Gods, nature, ability, gemstones, and components. Therefore, you can pick up some names like Sage, River, Moon, Rose, Wolf, Rainbow, Iris, and so forth. In sum, the Wiccan names are fulfilled with symbolism and elegance. As a result, in the event that you enter this kingdom, it appears a new signal that expresses what your new life is and who you are.