How To Perform A Wondering of the Soul Ritual

Wondering of the Soul Ritual

Spell Description

Many people fell like they have seen the place ware they are even though the have never even been to that place and even sometimes if the person has a great deal of spiritual power that they even saw things that come from the past even when they are not borne yet. This is a spell that can repeat that happening.

Spell Ingredients

* A bed.
* A Crossed cloth.
* Your Tears.

* Your soul.* A full-moon/new-moon night.

Spell Method

  1. Sit on your bed then hold the cloth with the cross symbol on it or crossed cloth.
  2. Cry on the cloth (Caution! Collected tears are not allowed!) then hold it parallel to you heart with both hands holding the cloth.
  3. Lay on the bed comfortably then say these words with feeling: “Oh soul that wonders at night may you wonder again but let me see through your eyes”.
  4. Then sleep.

Additional Tips

This spell must be cast in a full-moon for the future and a new-moon for the past.