Spell Casting: Working A Spell

Working A Spell

Spell casting basics…..

After having prepared yourself, consecrated your equipment and gathered your ingredients, you are now ready to weave a spell. Each time you cast a spell you will need to create a space in which to work, whether inside or outside. This space should be a symbolic circle and must be carefully created and closed down before and after the spell.

Making A Cord Circle

You Will Need: A 2.7 m (9 ft) length of thin white cord, about 5 mm (1/4 in) thick. I always cast my opening circle beginning with the east (the direction of Spirit).


1) Place the cord in an opened circle upon the ground, with the opening in the east. Step through the opening with your ingredients and place them in the centre.

2) Close the circle behind you and seal it with a sprinkling of salt water.

3) Go “deosil” (clockwise) around the circle, sprinkling salt water on the cord. Visualize yourself surrounded in golden light. Hold your right arm out, follow your cord circle “deosil” with your finger and perform the light invocation. You are now ready to weave your chosen spell. Do not step out of your circle until your ceremony is completed.

Making An Offering

It is always advisable to remember your unseen helpers and to honour the spirit or energies of any equipment you use or place that you visit or work from. In making an offering to them, you are acknowledging them as important to you, this encourages their co-operation. Make an offering if you need special help, or in gratitude for a gift.

You Will Need: A 2.7 m (9 ft) length of thin white cord, about 5 mm (1/4 in) thick, a feather, a red candle, a bowl of water and salt.


1) Make a cord circle. Take the feather in your right hand. Hold it first to your heart then out to the east.

2) Say the dedication, “Hail to thee East (or other) Wind. I ask permission to work with your energies and call for your blessing upon this ceremony. I make this offering to you.” Place the feather just inside your cord circle, in the east.

3) Place the candle in the south and light it, repeating the dedication, this time for the South Wind.

4) Continue with the offerings of water for the west and salt for the north, repeating the dedication each time. When you have finished, stand still for a few moments and then gather up your offerings and cord.

Closing A Spell

Closing a spell is done by walking or working widdershins until you end up where you started your spell. For example, if you worked your spell starting in the south, you close by beginning in the east and working back around your circle until you reach the south again.

1) Say: “I give thanks to all who have helped me and leave my request with you.” Visualize the spell being taken up into the heavens by a spirit of light.

2) In a widdershins direction, gather up your ingredients, blow out any candles. Say “So mote it be” to ensure everything is closed and finished.

3) Make an opening in your circle and place all your ingredients outside the circle. Put all your organic ingredients onto the earth to be re-absorbed.